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Creation of this digital garden was never an arbitrary event for me. It was a result of a large number of smaller bite-size wins I had as I started walking towards a lifestyle that focused on reducing my consumption and increasing creation.

The Domino effect for me started when I watched Ali Abdaal short but poignant Skillshare class on productivity . He had beaten out all the fluff from the delivery of the content that this was the only productivity video I ever managed to sit through from start to the end. His one video was enough for me to get in track.

It was around the same time when I discovered Hiran ‘s digital garden thanks to his wonderful newsletter this and that . When I saw his garden, I was sold on the idea and I immediately started learning about git and Jekyll and in the three days I made my first Jekyll site forking his setup. This digital garden would not have existed if I had not seen Hiran’s implementation. As a side note, I got hooked with UX Design thanks to him.

The third person in this list is Tiago Forte the man behind Forte Labs and Building a Second Brain . I got introduced to him again thanks to Ali, and then Tiago’s vision for an external structure to support your brain in this increasing information-overloaded world struck a chord with me. I was quick to adapt his PARA method for organising files. More importantly, it was through Tiago I was introduced to the work of Sonke Ahrens on Zettelkasten and the need for Digital Fluency in my life.

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