Core principles of zettelkasten

Zettelkasten needs discipline. The reason why it has worked so well for Luhmann is the level of constraints that was built with in it.

Principles of a Zettelkasten

  1. Atomicity: Each note should contain only one idea or concept. This makes it easier to link and cross-reference notes.

  2. Indexing: Each note should be assigned a unique identifier or keyword that can be used to search and retrieve it later. This helps to keep the notes organized and easy to find.

  3. Linking: Notes should be linked together based on their relationships and relevance. This helps to create a web of knowledge that can be easily navigated.

  4. Incremental growth: The Zettelkasten system is designed to be an ongoing process of adding new notes and linking them to existing ones. This allows for the accumulation of knowledge over time.

  5. Personalisation: The system should be tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. This means that each person’s Zettelkasten will be unique and reflective of their own thinking and writing style.

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