This is an index note for the topic of “Zettelkasten”. Zettelkasten is a note taking system that helps you collect and process ideas in such a way that you can derive meanigful connections and new ideas from it over a longer period of time.

I am exploring Zettelkasten method quit deeply this year. This site is a subset of my personal zettelkasten system. Here is the mental model of my Zettelkasten system.

Inside a Zettlekasten, the [[ Index Notes ]] act as the entry point into a topic and from there it lets you dive into other ideas and thoughts you have on the topic. But then each note could diverge and connect with any other note in the system thus making it location or topic agnostic in a way.

A good place to start is by reading What is a Zettelkasten or you can use the connections in the graph to find the notes that you are drawn towards. If you quickly want to jump into the mechanics of Zettelkasten go to Understanding Zettelkasten.

My attempt here is to codify Zettelkasten as how I understand and apply it to improve my own knowledge base. I have also collected All Zettelkasten Reference Materials that I found useful while making my own version of it.

  1. who should use Zettelkasten for writing?
  2. What is the purpose of a Zettelkasten ?
  3. Zettelkasten is not easy
  4. Problems of a Digital Zettelkasten
  5. An external structure is needed to surpass the limitations of brain
  6. Entry points in a Zettlekasten system
  7. How do you start a zettelkasten system
  8. How to set up an Ideal Zettelkasten using Obsidian
  9. Luhmann doesn’t follow a top down organisation of notes
  10. Problems of a Digital Zettelkasten
  11. Should you take literature notes in a single note
  12. The questions I had when making a zettelkasten system for myself
  13. Zettelkasten influences your choice of reading

A Zettelkasten loses its value when notes are added to it indiscriminately.

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