Types of notes in Zettelkasten

When it comes to Zettelkasten knowing what each note does is more important how they are named. Different people use different terms to address each of these notes. The names mentioned here are based on Sonke Ahren’s book How to take Smart Note.

Types of Notes

  • [[ Fleeting Note ]]s to capture all new ideas and information that needs to be reviewed.
  • Literature Notes to record information that you get from various sources such as books, articles, podcasts, interviews, etc.
  • Reference Notes are used to record and track reference information.
  • Extracted and processed ideas get stored as Permanent Notes.
  • For documenting and processing ideas for a specific project, you can create [[ Project Note ]]s.

Notes mentioning this note

Here are all the notes in this garden, along with their links, visualized as a graph.