Zettelkasten as I understand it

A Zettelkasten system has two main components or two boxes - One is the Zettelkasten itself and the other is a Reference system.

  • [[ Reference System ]] contains Literature Notes and your references. It serves as the place where you manage all your references to keep track of the sources of your notes as the Zettelkasten grows in Size
  • “Zettelkasten” will be the place where you keep your Permanent Notes and nothing else. It is important to maintain your permanent notes from every other kind of notes. It is inside the Zettelkasten you do your thinking. This is your workshop where you revisit the ideas you have already collected, combining them to generate new ideas.

[[ Purpose of a Zettelkasten ]] is to help you generate new ideas and work on it progressively over time. Zettelkasten helps you record the information you consume more deliberately.

A Zettelkasten loses its value when notes are added to it indiscriminately.

Important Concepts

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