How to use Obsidan and Logseq from the same vault

Obsidian and Logseq both use markdown as their file format. Obsidian does not come with an inbuilt file structure for your notes. But you can create any number of folders without affecting your ability to link notes.

On the other hand, Logseq comes with a predefined folder structure that is simple. The “pages” folder will contain all your notes and the “journals” folder will contain all your daily notes.

So to combine Obsidian and Logseq, open up your Logseq folder as the vault Obsidian. There are a few changes you need to make to the Obsidian settings to make this a functional setup: - In the setting, change the new note location to the “pages” folder. - Make sure you switch on the daily notes option inside obsidian and that the default file name syntax matches with the daily note syntax of logseq. Set the daily notes to be created in the “journals”. This will ensure that whatever you do in both apps appears in the other. (Note: Logseq outlines does look a tad uglier when viewed using obsidian’s editor view).

The main drawback to this setup is that you have to keep all the notes in a single folder. You can force systems such as PARA into this setup. But that is not a downside given we have hashtags and direct links to do a better job of organizing the notes without the need for forced hierarchies. I have a more explanation [[ why I don’t use a folder structure inside obsidian ]].

If you still need to use a folder structure, say for example to trigger a template inside obsidian, you can do that by creating a new fault for obsidian and then placing your Logseq folder inside this vault.

In this setup, you will still need to set the default note location to “pages” and daily notes to “journal” folders. But you can have as many as folders outside the Logseq folder for obsidian to read, without interfering with how Logseq works.

Do not that the files in these folders will not be accessible from the Logseq app. I use it to house my Obsidian template folder, folder to how kindle highlight exports (using a plugin) and a folder that syncs with my apple notes.

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