Home Note

Home note is were I try to keep things more or less organised. It is the meta-index page that holds everything together. But it is also subjected to change depending on the information I consume and process.

The fasted developing topic in this digital garden is on Zettelkasten. This site is the direct result of my attempt at personalizing Zettelkasten.

  • I am iterating on my process all most on a daily basis. So the Change Log exists to mark the serious mindset shifts and work flow adaption that I have applied to “Zettelgarden”.

Other Entry Points that exists now

  • The Budding Ground to serve as a place holder for all the notes that I have a hard time finding a connection for (Orphan Notes).
  • Then there are are some assumptions and [[ my favorite questions ]] to seek answers for.
  • I try to learn more and think deeply about writing, thinking, cognition, intelligence, Productivity, decision making, mental models, [[ Learning ]], art and design.
  • The list of people who have inspired me, helped me, guided me and awed me with their work, insight and passion.
  • Evergreen Articles contains links to some of the interesting articles that have I come across the web.
  • I try to keep a record of the Books I read as well.

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