Improving quality of learning through low stakes quizzes

Stop using test as the means of measuring ability, reframe it as a learning tool

Learning requires direction and evaluation. Only when you face your [[ gaps in understanding ]] you can focus on the important question like how should i learn this? and where can I learn more about this

A low stakes quiz of material does exactly this. It shows you where you are lacking and you can put more effort in there. If you were to be asked questions or if you try to answer some questions by yourselves on a topic before attend a lecture or research on a topic, you will be more receptive to information. You will be actively searching for information that will fill the [[ gaps in understanding ]]

For example, if I try to create a zettlekasten system on my own with the limited information, I will certainly fail, but I do develop a sense of what I missed. There is a clear distinction between what I know and what I do not.

This distinction shall help me focus on relevant information as i try to read more stuff regarding zettlekasten.

This approach is more directed towards students who wants to learn or is trying to answer question. You cannot force a student to learn this way. May be what we oughta to do is to help them find questions that they are motivated to solve.

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