Mind generates our reality

  • What exactly is reality? I don’t think I will the person that answers that question. But the general direction that science seems to be taking is that what we perceive as reality is a construct of our brain.
  • It can be seen as a snapshot of what actually there is based on our ability to focus and consider for.
  • Researcher [[ Anil Seth ]] writes “Perception happens through a continual process of prediction error minimisation”, in his [[ Book Being You ]] .
  • The input sources of our brain give it the information from the objective reality; the reality we experience through our brains is constantly verified and modulated by this information.
  • The reality we observe is a conscious experience, and it is based on our perceptual expectations. Expectations are ingrained and subconscious for most of us. The vast majority of us has a shared expectation of what reality is. We agree on our hallucinations to create this shared reality.
  • When the hallucinations doesn’t match up, because of various brain conditions and idiosyncrasies, such people are called “delusional”.
  • “We perceive the world not as it is, but as it is useful to us,” Seth writes. We are more likely to perceive the things that we expect.
    • It has been known for a while that the brain works towards speed and efficiency. And this means a lot of information is “skipped”.
    • I have a feeling this might be connected to Learning in the sense, that if you know what you are searching for inside a book, you are most susceptible to find it from it.
  • The self could be an another perception, a controlled hallucination built up from an assemblage of perceptual best-guesses, prior beliefs and memories. The [[ Self is also affected by how others perceive it ]].

Other questions: What is the [[ ground zero of consciousness ]] in a living being?

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