The concept of beginners luck and lack of expectations

But the moment you sit down to start writing its all blank. There are no questions, there are no answers and there is definitely no writing done. In his book “The Alchemist” [[ Paulo Coelho ]] talks about something called beginners luck, where a beginner seems to nail stuff much easier and his progress has a sense of momentum.

I see beginner luck as a manifestation of the beginner’s lack of expectation and the everything is a discovery mindset. When you approach something that way, everything seems interesting and as an avenue to explore. But as the beginner stage ends and you start knowing what you want and direction you are moving towards, expectation builds and you are not the explorer you used to be. That is the paradox of getting good at something.

So when you are writing there usually is never any beginners luck. I say this because people usually write for a reason, and in this modern day and age that reason is for sharing. When the prospect of sharing is build right into the framework of writing you are never going to enjoy the benefits of beginners luck; you are approaching writing with a goal in mind.

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