Writing for managers - Why is it important?

What has writing got to do with anything?
In my humble opinion, a lot!

To manage anything or anyone what you need is clarity in thinking. There is no other tool that can beat writing when it comes to providing greater clairty to your thinking.

Writing shows your commitment towards communicating your ideas with clarity and transparency.

Good managers are good leaders as well. In contrast bad managers are poeple who avoid their responsibilites and spends their time handing out criticisms without contributing to value addition. Criticism without out baselines are like lines that you can draw on water, nothing’s ever concrete.

Bad managers change their rules arbitarily to always come out on the top. And sometimes this may not be even by choice. So how do we stop ourselves from being bad managers? Start writing

Writing makes you think more and focus on the details where it matters. You don’t leave anything for guess work. In everything you communicate you get to practise transperacy and you can make sure there is clarity through writing. As bad managrs shy away from writing clear confident statements, the good ones try to make their statements as clear as they can

Creating a culture of writing is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your company to promote a consistent reality that all team members are a part of. Writing builds durability. Writing invites clearer criticisms, and paves way for useful feedback.

Good writing is collaborative, it help find ways to communicate better ideas. Writing is good at handling ambiguity. Nothing is grey, there are binary winners and losers. Writing helps us process that and select the best course of action.

May be it is good idea to add writing prompts in your interview process, and judge their writing abilities as you try to hire them.

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