Entry points in a zettlekasten system

  • Links and atomic notes get all the glory when we discuss about a Zettelkasten. But a zettelkasten is nothing without its entry points.
  • Entry points are notes (It can be called Index notes if you wish to follow Sonke’s nomenclature) that serves as the window in a line of thought inside a zettelkasten
  • For example, the entry point for the chain of thread that leads to this note is the Zettelkasten note.
  • In [[ Introduction into Luhmanns Zettelkasten-Thinking and its Technical Implementation ]] it is said that the best place to put the entry points are places where new thought begins.
  • You are supposed to use your hashtags in these notes, to ensure of future discoverability of your notes. The design of hashtags is also an important work in maintaining a zettelkasten and more importantly, hashtags have to be used sparingly.
  • Entry points also serve as the way to quickly cross-check your zettelkasten system before adding a new note to all the places where it can be added.
  • [[ How did luhmann made this index notes ]]? It is important to understand it. Because write here this can diverge into two lines of thinking:

I believe this page is a good example to mark with a tag to show the new lines of thought evolving But I don’t know what tag to put here.

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