How to start interstitial journaling with Logseq

What is interstitial journaling?

Interstitial journaling is a type of journaling that involves writing short entries throughout the day, rather than journaling at a specific time of day or writing longer entries all at once. The term “interstitial” refers to the spaces between things or the gaps between activities, and interstitial journaling involves using those gaps in time to jot down thoughts, experiences, and reflections.

While traditional journaling often involves sitting down for a dedicated period of time to write out one’s thoughts and feelings, interstitial journaling is a more flexible and fluid approach. It can be done on the go, in short bursts, and without the need to set aside a specific block of time.

Some ways to incorporate interstitial journaling into your day might include:

  • Writing down your thoughts and feelings during your morning coffee break
  • Taking a few minutes to jot down anything significant that happens during the day
  • Pausing for a few moments to reflect on your day before going to bed and writing down any important insights or reflections

The goal of interstitial journaling is to check in with yourself throughout the day and maintain a connection with your thoughts and emotions in real-time. This type of journaling can be especially helpful for people who have busy schedules, find it difficult to carve out time for traditional journaling, or prefer a more spontaneous and flexible approach to self-reflection.

How to start interstitial journaling with Logseq app

  1. Install Logseq App: To use Logseq App, you need to install it on your device. You can download and install it from their official website (

  2. Create a journal: After installing the app, create a new journal for your interstitial journaling. You can do this by selecting the “New Journal” option from the app.

  3. Create a Log Template: Logseq provides a flexible template system that allows you to create templates for your journal entries. Create a Log Template with fields such as Date, Time, Activity, Thoughts, and Feelings by using the ‘new page’ option.

  4. Capture Moments: As you go through your day, capture the moments that you want to remember by opening the Logseq app and making a quick entry in your Interstitial Journal template. You can use your phone, tablet or desktop to quickly jot down your thoughts, feelings, or activities.

  5. Set Reminders: You can set reminders throughout the day to remind yourself to pause and capture your thoughts, feelings or activities in your Interstitial Journal template.

  6. Review your journal: At the end of the day, take some time to review your journal entries, reflect on your day, and evaluate what you learned.

By following these steps, you can start Interstitial Journaling with Logseq app. It enables you to keep track of your day-to-day activities, thoughts and feelings, and thereby helps you gain a greater awareness of your self.

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