This page serves as the index note for all my thoughts, notes and workflows surrounding the notetaking/outline app called Logseq.

Logseq is an open source alternative to [[ Roam Research ]]. While it has all the benefits of Roam it based on markdown and is build as a local first app. Logseq can be run directly from the browser or as an app, using files stored locally or on a Github repo or from your favourite cloud storage service provider.

Since Logseq is markdown based your files are never locked in. Logseq easily satisfies the necessary [[ conditions for a good note taking system ]]. And because it is markdown based, I can use it with [[ Obsidian MD ]]. I use the Combination of Obsidian and Logseq to manage my Literature Notes and [[ Fleeting Note ]]s.

Being a fully open source note taking app, you can self host the entire app complete with the back end.

  1. Interstitial Journaling
  2. Using queries in Logseq
  3. Time tracking using Logseq
  4. Task Management using Logseq

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