Roam simplifies the process of zettelkasten

  • I had recently seen a twitter discussion asking about what obsidian users are missing on by not using block references.
  • I think the main advantage of a block reference is that it simplifies the entire process of zettelkasten.
  • Instead of having each notes as separate files, roam makes it possible for you to treat each blocks are your atomic note. I can’t get around that workflow yet as it takes away the graph like visualisation obsidian gives me. But I do understand how it works in theory.
  • For example I am writing this notes as I was processing my literature notes from Sonke’s how to take smart notes. Instead of opening this new file, I could have continued writing this down there itself by intending it behind the heading.
  • I can use the block embed any where I want as roam allows me to copy just the block out without losing the connection to the parent page.
  • One question here I have is though is regarding the discoverability of these atomic notes. I can depend on graph view in obsidian to see the notes visually. But how will be able to connect notes that are embedded inside a large block of notes? And yes tags aren’t that useful as you notes starts piling up.
  • Re-discoverability of notes is a good question to ponder about in this scenario?
  • Roam blurs the distinction between a permanent note and a literature note especially when you are writing from a highlight.


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